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Oct. 31 + Nov. 25-26! We're thrilled to team up with Chistophe Piot on drums for these shows

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

OCT. 31, 2021 - Grésy-sur-Aix (F-73)

NOV. 25-26, 2021 - Paris

Christophe Piot plays the drums on the new album II by Octantrion on The Dead King [Radio edit].

A drummer and percussionist, Christophe Piot accompanies Cécile Corbel on stage and in records, along with Gaëdic Chambrier. A nomadic musician, he travels the world to fuel his musical practice and his inspiration too. He feels at ease when playing African-Cuban music as he does with contemporary or electro music. There is nothing that he cannot do with his instruments. Christophe Piot is the ideal Swiss Army knife for whoever wants to complete their arrangements. Incidentally, he has now become the official percussionist of Octantrion.

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