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Oct. 22! Don't miss out on 'THE DEAD KING' our new video!

OCT. 22, 2021 marks the official release of our new album "II" and so does this new video

Available on YouTube, on this website and all platforms as well: "THE DEAD KING" by Octantrion

We are so thrilled to share this new video with all our fans and followers today. The video is an excerpt of our brand new album 'II" by Octantrion and today is the official release!

In a bittersweet atmosphere, this piece elliptically deals with the passage from one world to another. The advent of Christianity had a political vocation and consequence: it unified the Scandinavian kingdoms. However, it also upset their cultural richness and the symbiosis with nature. The status of the raven _ a mythified/deified animal _ changed: no longer a sacred animal, it became symbolical of Hell… What if the world around us was but a projection of our beliefs and our fears? Now, a pole is the throne of a dead King.

A [Radio edit] of this song is available/ see TRACK #15 of the album feat. Chrsitophe Piot on drums along with Blandine Champion's electric bass underscore.

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