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Gaedic Chambrier

II by Octantrion
Gaedic Chambrier, guitars, mandoterz

© Marius LENIÈRE 

Gaedic Chambrier, guitars, northern bass cittern

Full Biography

Coming from a family of musicians, it is however through a personal and self-taught approach that he has built his career.


Switching from amplified music to acoustic instruments, sailing from plucked strings to percussion, he keeps a thirst for discovery and a greedy way of approaching music.


Nourished by French song and Anglo-Saxon culture, it is his encounter with world music that will give the singular character of his musical approach.


In addition to Octantrion, Gaëdic Chambrier devotes himself to his show "Histoires de Guitares", to the Boann group and to the production / realization of solo albums.

© Marius LENIÈRE 


Gaedic Chambrier, Octantrion, guitars, double mandoterz

© Marius LENIÈRE

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Gaedic Chambrier, Octantrion, guitars, Sytole, ancester of the cittern

© Marius LENIÈRE 

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