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Eleonore Billy

II by Octantrion
Eleonore Billy, Octantrion




Eleonore Billy, Octantrion

© Éric LEGRET 

Eleonore Billy, Octantrion

Full Biography

Trained on the violin both by oral tradition and by a conservatory course, she then turned to nyckelharpa and Scandinavian music. She will thus be the first French musician to be trained in Sweden, a country whose language and culture she will embrace.


Inspired from her childhood by traditional, classical or baroque music, her curiosity leads her to new sonic and creative territories and musical collaborations from a wide variety of backgrounds, in France and abroad.


In addition to Octantrion, Éléonore Billy performs in various groups she initiated, such as her string quartet Quarlätt, or the musical tale for young audiences "Le Merveilleux voyage de Nils Holgersson", she co-directs, composes and plays in the "Tokso Folk String Quartet" which tours on European stages, and accompanies other fascinating projects such as Barrocka (revisited Italian baroque music) or EMMA (improvised and minimalist jazz quartet).

© Elvire LE COSSEC 


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Eleonore Billy, Octantrion, on nyckelharpa

© Marius LENIÈRE 

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