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© Marius LENIÈRE

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More than 300 shows in France & Europe since 2013

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II by Octantrion


Octantrion's recording history began in 2014 with the eponymous album. This first opus set in stone pieces was made for and by the stage. Following the success of this self-produced album which reached the top of album sales for a while after the band appeared on France 2 (in June 2015, Jean-François Zygel’s programme La Boîte à Musique devoted quite a lot of time to the duet and their emblematic instrument, the nyckelharpa) among others, a remastered and extended edition called including 4 new pieces was released in 2018 by Quart de lune / UVM. The album II (Quart de Lune/ UVM) was conceived in a complete different manner. The theme of the raven was chosen as a symbol of pagan Nordic / Viking cultures and to serve as common thread for this new opus that holds 15 songs among which are 10 original compositions and 5 rearranged traditional Swedish and Icelandic tunes.

Octantrion's albums, 8 & II


"A rare and uncommon music style! Here are charming musicians with a varied repertoire, that you must listen to!"
-Laurent Quembre, France 3, TV channel (Fr)-

"Very surprising colors and melodies, that make us travel. Their sound is very rich."
-La Chaine Guitare, Guitar Network (Fr)-

"Drawing their inspiration from Northern Europe music as well as from folk or blues, Octantrion is a duet that bring accoustic and traditional instruments beyond their ordinary limits. Ancient tunes, original compositions and energy intermingle and lead the audience into a unique universe. Musicality, performance and cheerfulness are three major ingredients that make this duet – more and more in demand by festivals – one of the rising bands of World music in France. Besides, you’ll have the opportunity to see their instruments which are as beautiful as they are rare."
-Ouest-France, Local press (Fr)-

"Neo-Folk, traditional, ancient, modern, Otantrion’s music is all this. It questions the past against contemporary urban cultures, and conversely. "
-Paris Normandie, Local press (Fr)-

"Dazzling resonances, an exceptional concert"
-Ouest-France, Local press (Fr)-

"Sparkling music, rare instruments"
-Le Télégramme, Local press (Fr)-

"Both modern and the bearer of centuries-old traditions, the music of these remarkable musicians offers dazzling resonances."
-Paris Normandie, Local press (Fr)-

"The least we can say is that Éléonore Billy & Gaëdic Chambrier have more than one string on their instruments! Jubilant!"
-Ouest-France, Local press (Fr)-

"Great Art"
-L’Est-Éclair, Local press (Fr)-

© Marius LENIÈRE


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II by Octantrion