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(EN) Batch of 3 items: 1 signed CD "II" + linen pouch + long earrings (silver)

(EN) Batch of 3 items: 1 signed CD "II" + linen pouch + long earrings (silver)

59,00 €Price

This batch of 3 items includes: 1 signed CD copy of album II by Octantrion + the "Octantrion" natural linen pouch made by Eleonore with hemp cord and "feather" stamp designed by Zia Bret. + pair of SILVER earrings, LONG size, in recycled inner tube, French and Breton manufacture by "Made in My" for Octantrion. Earrings: length 3,54 inches. GOOD NEWS! Added, for this specific batch of 3 products, we offer you a complimentary signed CD copy of the album 8 by Octantrion! Autographs by Eleonore Billy & Gaedic Chambrier. Shipping costs included, direct from France within 5 working days. Note: delivering delays may occur depending on the country of residence.(Non-contractual photo, the color of the fabric may vary depending on arrivals, also colors may vary on the attached photos)

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